Cheap property for sale in Majorca

If you are looking for a cheap property for sale in Majorca, then you have to the right place. The houses and properties that we have here are made up of high quality materials making sure the investment that you will be spending are worth it.

town house mallorca

Newly-built house located on quiet street

This recently built house in Ses Salines, which lies on the beautiful South East of Majorca is one of those properties that you can avail. The location is almost perfect since the amenities here are just a couple of minute walk. The house is just ideal for holiday vacations or for couples who want to get away from the busy walks of the metropolis.


  • A fully operational kitchen that would surely motivate you to cook your meals.
  • It is a two storey house where the bedrooms are located for you to enjoy the stunning view of the outside.
  • Interiors of the living room have been specifically made for occupants to relax.
  • Dining room and terrace are designed for residents to enjoy their stay in the house.
  • No need to worry where to park your car since it has its own garage.
  • The rooms have already built in closets, so you don’t need to spend for an additional cabinet when you will be moving in.
  • Bathroom tiles are tailored to feel you in a hotel; feels like you are in a vacation for the longest time.
  • Master bedroom has its very own luxurious bathroom.

Bonus Facilities and Amenities

  • Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with its own swimming pool; perfect for relaxing privately.
  • Shopping, recreation and dining restaurants are just close within the area.

Getting a cheap property for sale in Majorca is not that difficult with this offer. You may not even find something like this that is almost perfect for a holiday house or a permanent resident for retirement. You can never go wrong getting this house since the materials has been put together with details that any thorough resident would love. The house is elegantly designed and can compete with any elegant home in Majorca. Majority of the homes in Mallorca are very good choices as a holiday home; just the thing for a peaceful rest and healthy environment.

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